This may be the year…

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This may be the year… The stars are aligning in interesting ways to start this academic year. It will certainly be a year of big challenges. And with those challenges will come the potential for breakthrough risk :: reward scenarios. One of the challenges alluded to by the tweet copied above will be how institutions and instructors manage access to published educational resources for their… Read more »

Openness is an attitude

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The spring ETUG (Educational Technology Users’ Group) workshop, held recently in Nelson at Selkirk College, was in the words of one long-time attendee “probably the best ever.” This is by no means a comprehensive overview of the conference. More can be found at the ETUG web site, but I’ve tried to give a flavour with some of the highlights of the conference. First was the… Read more »

Digital futures event at TRU a resounding call for a “recursive public”

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What I heard at the Digital Future of Higher Education event at Thompson Rivers University on February 22 in Kamloops was a resounding call to action for open practices in all forms: open education, open learning, open data, open access journals, open educational resources. Keynote speakers Tony Bates and Michael Peters each provided a unique perspective on the road ahead. Tony Bates presented his usual… Read more »

Evolution of an OER Initiative

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BCcampus started supporting the development of Open Educational Resources (OER) back in 2003 with it’s inaugural Online Program Development Fund. The 2010 call for proposals was the eighth round and brings the total investment made so far to $9 million. Given the burgeoning interest in OER I thought it might be useful to describe this years outcome in the context of an eight year retrospective… Read more »

Open Education Resource University (OERU)

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BCcampus is pleased to be participating in today’s Open Educational Resource University (OERU) inaugural meeting. We’ve been hosting an online seminar in our SCoPE online community exploring the concept of an OERU and have contributed a short paper summarizing the ideas that have emerged. For more on this intiative including how to participate virtually see

NGLC Proposal Selected As One of 50 Finalists

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On October 11, 2010 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in concert with EDUCAUSE, launched an RFP for the Next Generation Learning Challenges Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) is a collaborative, multi-year grant program aimed at dramatically increasing college readiness and completion through applied technology. Four initial NGLC challenges were identified; 1. blended learning, 2. learner analytics, 3. deeper learning and engagement, and 4. open… Read more »

Access Copyright’s Royalty Demands Spark Interest in OER

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Access Copyright’s new proposed tariff raising per student fees from about $5 per student to $35 or $45 per student has resulted in widespread objections across the country. Some colleges and universities have decided to withdraw from participating as licensees and are pursuing open educational resource use as an alternative. Paul Stacey explores this issue and its implications. Read more here.

The University of Open

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Open source software, open access publishing, open government/data, open educational resources, and open pedagogies all share a common underlying philosophy. Paul Stacey explores their synergistic potential by strategically bringing them together to form a new alternative institution – the University of Open.

The Future of Open Educational Resources

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Sometimes its the things that aren’t there that make you see what’s missing and think more deeply. Along with Scott Leslie from BCcampus I presented at the recent Open Education Conference in Barcelona. Drawing on what I saw at the conference, and what I didn’t see, I’ve posted a critique of where I think the Open Educational Resources effort is currently at and suggestions for… Read more »

Next Generation Learning Challenge

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The Gates Foundation in partership with Educause has launched a Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC) seeking to dramatically improve college readiness and completion in the United States through the use of information technology, especially for the benefit of low-income young adults. The program provides investment capital, builds evidence, and fosters an active community of innovators and adopters in pursuit of this goal. The program emphasizes… Read more »