5 Questions with Dr. David Try: His Evolution of Online Learning

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Dr. David Try is an instructor at Northwest Community College and is also its coordinator of business administration. Dr. David Try 1.Can you give us a bit of insight into how your thinking about online learning has evolved?  I first taught an online course in 2005, and was frankly unimpressed with the results. Naively, I thought that online teaching was basically a simple technological expansion… Read more »

Open in B.C.: Breaking down barriers through collaboration

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The biggest barrier to open education is a lack of knowledge—we just haven’t marketed it well enough. That’s according to David Porter, the executive director of BCcampus and a long-time advocate for the benefits of adapting new technology to deliver educational opportunities. He shared his thoughts about Harnessing the resonant value in open education: Localizing openness and innovation at the 7th annual Walls Optional conference, which took place at Victoria’s Camosun College in May…. Read more »

Give and take: how an open copyright policy improves post-secondary institutions

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Cable Green, the director of global learning for Creative Commons, believes that publicly funded education materials should be freely and openly available to everyone. He shared his thinking on Open Educational Resources: Sharing, Open Policy and Creative Commons at the 7th annual Walls Optional conference, which took place at Victoria’s Camosun College in May. When work is either in the public domain, or released under an… Read more »

Proudly borrowed from there – OER Forum 2012

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Moving to a mindset of “Proudly borrowed from there,” rather than “No thanks, not invented here,” was the lasting message at the BCcampus-hosted forum for B.C. post-secondary and K-12 educators October 18. (We proudly borrowed that phrase from Cable Green, and the graphics from Giulia Forsythe.) Click for full size We have posted video of the keynote address by David Wiley (Brigham Young University), We… Read more »

Latest OPDF means more online learning opportunities for students

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This post is from a joint news release from BCcampus and the Ministry of Advanced Education, please see the government version on their media site. Post-secondary students and faculty in a diversity of programs from medicine to shipbuilding, Aboriginal languages to physics and engineering will have the opportunity to advance their learning online thanks to a new round of projects funded by the Online Program… Read more »

How are you helping faculty and staff cope with copyright and use open resources?

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Copyright has always been a major concern for higher education institutions, but recent (and ongoing) changes to copyright legislation, licensing agreements and the general disruption of digital networks, experienced across all sectors, has made it an even more difficult landscape for faculty and staff to navigate. BCcampus is looking at this as an area to work with institutions, but before we start creating something new,… Read more »

The Economics of Open

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Open Educational Resources (OER) are materials used to support education that may be freely accessed, reused, modified and shared by anyone. OER include full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, research articles, videos, and other materials used to support education. OER creators own the intellectual property and copyrights of the OER they create. However, they license the OER and make it freely available to others. Every… Read more »

2011 The Year of Open

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The “open” space is expanding. 2011 has been a watershed year with open gaining traction and acceptance. Governments in Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the U.S. have all adopted Creative Commons licenses to communicate broad reuse rights to the content, data, and educational materials they create. By doing so these national governments are seeking to: promote creative and innovative activities, which will deliver social and… Read more »

Talks on Open Access, OER and Online Science Labs

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Paul Stacey, BCcampus’s Director of Curriculum Development, will be doing a couple of talks over the next week. Next Tuesday (Oct 25, 2011) he’ll be giving a keynote address for UBC’s Open Access week. Then it’s on to Denver where Paul will co-present on the North American Network of Science Labs Online program at the WCET conference. On Monday October 31 Paul will be visiting… Read more »

Opening Education

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Proposed new copyright laws, confusion over what is allowed and isn’t allowed under fair dealing, Access Copyright’s attempt to increase tariffs, risk averse legal counsel advice, universities and colleges pulling out of Access Copyright. Has all this got your head spinning? In parallel to the changing regime of copyright new open licensing and sharing practices have emerged. As part of Open Access week BCcampus and… Read more »