The BCcampus Help Desk Secret Service

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From answering IT related questions from students, administrators, and educators, to website maintenance and more – The BCcampus Help Desk team keeps all of our services running smoothly, all-the-while doing it with a cool, calm demeanour and a smile on their faces. This is the sixth installment in the staff highlight series, following in the footsteps of Mary Burgess, Executive Director, Denise Goudy, Director, BCcampus, the Professional Learning team, the Open… Read more »

BCcampus helps students reach their full potential with WriteAway

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Spring 2014, British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BC ELN) reported over 500 students in B.C. were supported during WriteAway’s first year and now we are happy to report that more than 3500 students have used this service. WriteAway is an online collaborative tutoring service which complements in-person assistance through post-secondary institutions and institutes’ writing and learning centres.  It serves those students who are not able to… Read more »

Supporting the Indigenization of higher education in B.C.

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Starting this spring, BCcampus on behalf of the Ministry of Advanced Education will begin the facilitation of the system-wide Indigenization of Curriculum and Cultural Awareness training project (ICCAT) for post-secondary institutions across British Columbia. The project will support the development of open educational resources that will be accessible to faculty and staff at all post-secondary institutions so that they can be better prepared to meet… Read more »

What’s in store for ApplyBC for fall 2014

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Updates for ApplyBC include refining previous changes and laying the groundwork for future developments The ApplyBC team has been hard at work over the summer, developing a strategy to implement improvements to the ApplyBC online application in an effort to improve the service for the students and participating institutions. There were three primary drivers for the recent changes: Specific requests from our partner institutions Feedback… Read more »

ApplyBC Update: a roadmap for 2014 and phasing out SIN collection

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BCcampus recently posted the ApplyBC 2014-2016 Roadmap to share the direction we have for our online application program, and we’d like to hear what our stakeholders have to say. Our goal is to improve the user experience while expanding our ability to better serve the needs of institutions. The ApplyBC application service underwent a modernization project in 2013, with a goal of providing a seamless… Read more »

5 Questions with Gilbert Fung: BCcampus co-op student

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BCcampus has hired quite a few co-op students over the years. When they end their stay with us, we ask for their thoughts on their time working for BCcampus. Gilbert Fung is a student in the Interactive Arts program at Simon Fraser University; his term ended in December 2013. Gilbert Fung What were your general impressions of your work term? Although it was a brief… Read more »

e-Transcript Program Plans to Expand to Vancouver Island

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Official Transcript image

Applying to university or college can be a long, confusing and expensive process. That is especially true when it comes to ordering transcripts and ensuring they are transferred between organizations. That situation is changing, thanks to BCCampus’ electronic transcript transfer pilot program. When it’s complete, every post-secondary institution in the province will adopt a standardized method of issuing transcripts electronically. This method will be secure,… Read more »

Student Services Survey Results

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Purpose of the Survey The Student Services Survey was conducted by BCcampus in order to understand what kinds of issues post-secondary students are having with the current student services and to find out how BCcampus can better help these students. Duration and Respondents The survey ran for 18 days in April 2013, and was published by email, on course homepages, and on Social Networks. The… Read more »

ApplyBC Modernization Project: Why Eigen?

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We’ve been moving forward with the ApplyBC Modernization project, an upgrade for our online application service, to provide a better experience for our end users and institutions. One of the reasons we’ve opted to modernize our online application is to provide additional security for applicants choosing to pay the admission fee for their desired institution online via credit card. Eigen Development (Eigen) was the provider… Read more »

BCcampus: a place to learn and grow

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Working as a co-op student at BCcampus was a great place to learn new knowledge and skills and to grow myself. Sung Lee I was hired as a Learner Services Research Assistant, and in the beginning of the work term, I think I was not confident enough in myself. As a non-native English speaker, being a research assistant which requires good communication skills was challenging…. Read more »