Liberating Structures: October Update & November Meetup

In our last update, we shared that we are working on growing our Vancouver Liberating Structures User group. Some of the strategies we discussed at our October meeting were to do the following:

  • spread the word about local practice groups to members and get them to invite a friend;
  • rotate practice groups to different host locations/campuses and meet less frequently;
  • offer a mini Liberating Structures (LS) workshop;
  • offer more regularly scheduled virtual meetups; and
  • convene a large practice group specifically targeted to practice and documenting ways LS  can be used for teaching and learning.

Post by Leva Lee, Manager, Learning & Teaching 

Communication rethink

We’ve begun to work on some of these strategies to grow our group, but we’ve also realized that our main means of communication with current members via our LinkedIn group has been ineffective. A member of our group met with us online last month. She gave us some excellent insight on methods for communicating with individuals like her who are keen to participate, but have no time to be going to check updates on our various websites. Also, we discovered members who joined the LS LinkedIn group don’t seem to be getting our notifications. It’s time to try something different. Please stay tuned as we rethink how we build a place for sharing our LS work and communicate on our meetups. We are looking at a simple WordPress site with email notification and then reference our activities with our LinkedIn group. If you have suggestions for us, we welcome your input.

November meetup

Our next meeting will take place online again, but this time instead of Zoom we will try BB Collaborate as our tool.

Here’s how to connect with us for the November meeting.

You are invited to attend the following Blackboard Collaborate session:

Name: VLSUG – V-LS on BB Collaborate | Starts: November 27, 2017, at 7:00 PM PST | Ends:  November 27, 2017, at 8:30 PM PST

To join the session, please click on the link within 15 minutes of the specified time.

To invite others to join the session, please e-mail this link.

The agenda will be devoted to discussing ideas for our user group meetings, next steps and to practice using Liberating Structures online.

Any questions or comments? 

Please contact Leva Lee, BCcampus at or Barish Golland, Sauder School of Business at

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