BCcampus Honoured with SPARC Innovator Award


Washington, DC – As enthusiasm for Open grows in British Columbia, those wondering why it has taken off so strongly here need to look no further than BCcampus.

BCcampus is a Canadian government agency that works with post-secondary institutions to help adapt teaching and learning practices to best serve students. In 2012, it launched the BC Open Textbook Project and has since become a recognized world leader in open education. BCcampus embraced the concept that access to freely available content, information, and data is essential to students and instructors.

For its dedication to the Open agenda, collaborative practices, and willingness to share what works to make education more accessible, SPARC is honouring BCcampus with its January 2018 Innovator Award.

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The SPARC Innovator program recognizes advances in open access, open education and open data propelled by an individual, institution, or group. Typically, these advances exemplify SPARC’s principles by challenging the status quo for the benefit of researchers, libraries, universities, and the public. SPARC Innovators are featured on the SPARC website semi-annually and have included the University of Pennsylvania Data Refuge Project, ASAPbio, RIO Journal, David Wiley, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Open Access Button, Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), among others.

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