Meet the FLO Facilitator: Leva Lee

Over the years, individuals from institutions and organizations across British Columbia have taken Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) to the next level by participating in the Facilitator Development/Mentorship program and co-facilitating one or more of the FLO courses. If you are thinking about adopting FLO courses at your institution, these are the people who can help!

What got you started on this path to becoming a FLO facilitator and mentor?

Leva Lee

I work at BCcampus in the area of Learning + Teaching. I was a student in the FLO Fundamentals and FLO Facilitator Development courses and later a course reviewer for the FLO Design pilot. Recently, I was invited to co-facilitate the FLO MicroCourse on Liberating Structures with Beth Cougler Blom, which posed the interesting challenge of figuring out how best to facilitate learning of these facilitation techniques designed for face-to-face engagement in an online and asynchronous learning space.


What experience and expertise do you bring to this new support role of helping others to adopt and/or facilitate FLO courses?

With a background in open learning, learning design, and educational technology, I have many years’ experience designing, developing, and experimenting with online courses, resources, and experiences for the secondary and post-secondary educator communities. I enjoy the design process of adapting our work so that we may maximize the potential of online space and continue to support learners using evidence-based teaching practices. Led by Sylvia Currie, the FLO community is such a wonderful and enthusiastic bunch of educators. I’m pleased to be part of the facilitator “family”!

How can people contact you?

The best way to reach me is by email at

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