Adapting to COVID-19: FUNky Friday

*Note: This session has passed. Please view the recordings here.

A lesson on TikTok dances and creating your own videos.

Audience: Students, faculty, and staff

Description: During this session, Jed Palad will teach participants a TikTok dance and go over the basics of how to post a video on TikTok, as well as various other features of the app. He will show attendees a TikTok dance, perform it, and then break down each section. At the end, we’ll perform it all together. Time permitting, he may go on to teach another TikTok dance. Jed hopes that all participants will let loose and have fun.

Bio: Jed Palad is a second-year academic foundations student at Douglas College with aspirations to become a teacher. He is also a New Westminster campus representative for the Douglas Students’ Union. His parents immigrated to Surrey from the Philippines when he was an infant. He acknowledges that he has no formal training in dance, but believes he was born with some rhythm and has been grooving around since he was young. He credits his love of dance to his mother, who was always playing her favourite R&B songs during his childhood. Jed hosted similar dance sessions for students at Douglas College during orientation events this fall, and these sessions stood out as being hugely popular.