BCLA Conference – Work and Culture- Defining our Values

May 9, 2018 – May 11, 2018 all-day
Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
BCLA Connect


Open Education is about more than opening resources, it is also about opening pedagogy but what does that mean? What does open education have to do with social justice? Do we believe that education is about leveling the playing field and, at its best, addressing issues of injustice, privilege, and exclusion? Are open education practices, at their core, about access, equity, innovation, and creativity? If so, how is the open education movement embodying those values?

Join a panel to discuss the broad impact of open educational practices. How are these practices living up to their potential, and how are they failing to do so? Can open education help provide a more equitable future where a multitude of diverse voices are heard and respected? Librarians are key contributors in the open education movement as an extension of their historical roles to provide safe places of learning that are open and available to all; or, is that traditional role a myth? Let’s discuss.