FLO Friday: Open Pedagogy as Critical Pedagogy

*Note: This session has passed. Please view the resources and recordings below. 

In this session we will explore open pedagogy and its multiple meanings and concepts. We will discuss openness as access, as affordability, as autonomy, as control, as ambiguity, and as freedom as well as other conceptualizations of openness. Participants will be invited to engage throughout the session, sharing their own experiences, beliefs, and assumptions about open pedagogy. We will focus on the potential for open pedagogy to create more equitable and inclusive learning environments. The session is deliberately left fluid to embrace the early idea of openness as “unbounded” (Nodding & Enright, 1983). Participants will leave with various ideas about openness that may be applicable to their own contexts, but the goal of the hour is provocation rather than skill development. FLO Friday

Participants in this session will:

  • Examine various understandings of and approaches to openness in education.
  • Discuss the potential for open education to be an inclusive practice and a challenge to existing power hierarchies of learning.
  • Consider systemic and individual barriers to open education practices.

Facilitator Biography:

Dani Dilkes (she/her) is a curriculum specialist, PhD student, and sessional instructor at the University of Victoria whose work focuses on inclusive design in higher education. As someone who has gone through most of her educational experiences without significant barriers, Dani has been, until recently, admittedly ignorant of how exclusion is a product of design choices. Now her practice focuses heavily on approaches to rethinking curriculum design to include a diversity of students, perspectives, and ways of knowing.