FLO MicroCourse: Artificial Intelligence Images in the Classroom

About the MicroCourse:   FLO MicroCourse

Join us for an exploration of the ethical minefield of artificial intelligence (AI) image generation in this free, one-week Facilitation Learning Online (FLO) MicroCourse.  

We will tackle the ethical complexities of this fast-evolving technology, exploring issues like bias, ownership, and the future of creativity. Through hands-on experimenting with AI tools, analyzing examples, and engaging in debates with peers, you will have the opportunity to build your own ethical framework to navigate this powerful technology. Artists, teachers, and art enthusiasts are welcome!  

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Understand the key ethical considerations in AI art and image generation.  
  • Evaluate potential biases and harms in AI art tools.  
  • Examine issues of intellectual property, ownership, and artistic agency in AI-generated work. 
  • Develop a personal framework for ethical decision-making with the use of AI in artistic practice.  

Participants should be prepared for approximately 6-8 hours of asynchronous work throughout the week.  

We also have two optional synchronous sessions planned on Tuesday, June 18, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., and on Thursday, June 20, from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.  

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MicroCourse Facilitators:  

Your FLO facilitators for this course are Brent de Waal and Jason Toal.  

Brent (he/him) is a learning designer focused on creating meaningful experiences for adult learners. With experience teaching in both university and private corporate settings, he understands the unique challenges and opportunities of diverse learning environments. As a parent with children in university, he is actively invested in the learning process, bringing a personal perspective to his work. He likes to use his background in art and photography to make courses and workshops with a focus on the creative process. Brent is looking forward to some great discussions in this FLO MicroCourse!  

Jason (he/him) is a creative learning designer and human-centred educational technologist based in Victoria, B.C. With over two decades of experience in educational technology, Jason is on a mission to make learning more engaging, accessible, and downright fun. From leading teams at institutions like University of British Columbia Okanagan to consulting independently with Same Page Studios, Jason has championed technology-driven learning experiences that spark curiosity and drive innovation. He’s not just about pushing buttons; he’s about pushing boundaries.