FLO MicroCourse – Exploring a World of Open

August 10, 2020 – August 16, 2020 all-day

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Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) MicroCourses are short, single-topic, hands-on, practical, and free. In one week you will have an opportunity to dip into the FLO experience and leave with something practical and useful for your own teaching practice.

You probably already know that Wikipedia consistently ranks among the top 10 websites visited worldwide. But you may be less aware of the dozen other projects supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, all offering participatory knowledge beyond the purely encyclopedic. In this MicroCourse, we’ll go on a tour of the Wikiverse, exploring some of the lesser-known Wiki-projects to uncover fresh ideas for your open pedagogy practice.

This course includes mostly asynchronous activities which means you can spread your 6 to 13 hours of participation over the whole week. Synchronous sessions will be recorded. Spreading out participation over each day is ideal.

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