FLO MicroCourse – Liberating Structures

June 3, 2019 – June 7, 2019 all-day
Sylvia Currie

Liberating Structures are a collection of 33+ powerful activities that can be used wherever you facilitate: classrooms, meetings, planning sessions, team days, workshops, presentations, etc. They are seriously fun, purpose-driven methods to unleash and include everyone to work together toward productive endpoints. Whether you just want your meetings to be a bit more lively and inclusive, or you want to help change the world, consider adding Liberating Structures to your facilitation repertoire! Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) MicroCourses are short, single-topic, hands-on and free. In one week, you will dip into the FLO experience, and leave with something practical and useful for your own teaching practice.

Facilitator Name(s): Beth Cougler Blom and Leva Lee

Who is this for? Everyone! This event is open externally

Time commitment: Participants should expect to spend at least 5 hours for course activities during the week. Those with no prior online teaching and learning experience can expect to invest more time.

Registration: Free and open