FLO MicroCourse: Micro-credentials in the B.C. Context

Micro-credentials are a relatively new innovation in post-secondary education, and FLO-MicroCoursemany post-secondary education stakeholders are considering how to apply them in B.C. As the name suggests, micro-credentials are small credentials that are uniquely focused on meeting competency needs in industry. One factor of their success is that education, industry, and students work together to ensure applicability. Often the first step of applying an innovation like micro-credentials is to understand it better.

Whether you work in post-secondary education or industry or are a student, join us to learn more. In this primarily asynchronous course, we will discuss the basics of micro-credentials, best practices from other regions, and stakeholder perspectives, and we’ll have a group discussion to discover at least one feasible application of micro-credentials in our province. We will also host two synchronous web-conference sessions, which will be recorded. Based on feedback from a previous offering, we lengthened this course from 5 to 12 days. This reduces the barrier of time and makes it easier to participate. Expect to spend 6 to 13 hours asynchronously over the 12-day period.

The optional synchronous sessions will be held via Zoom on Thursday, March 4, and Thursday, March 11, both at noon Pacific standard time.

This event is free. To ensure we have an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, we’ve added registration to our online office sessions.

Registration is now closed.