FLO Panel: The Creative and Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence in Post-Secondary Education — a B.C. Perspective

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*Note: This session has passed. Please view the resources and recording below.

In spring 2023 we brought the sector together to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) in post-secondary education. So much has changed, yet so many of the same questions and concerns persist. Diving deeper in this event, our panelists will discuss the creative and ethical use of AI in post-secondary education. Join us to explore different paths to take through this new academic landscape. You’ll leave the discussion with a list of resources and actionable recommendations for ethical integration of generative AI in higher education.


The student experience with Alejandra Silvera Calvo, Kwantlen Polytechnic University student and ambassador for academic integrity, will provide a student’s perspective about academic integrity in the age of AI. Alejandra Silvera is a passionate and dedicated human resources professional with several years of experience in the human resources field. She is an international student pursuing a post-baccalaureate in Human Resources Management at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Alejandra describes herself as energetic, optimistic, curious, sincere, organized, communicative, and task-oriented. She values transparency and honesty, which is why she is thrilled to join the Academic Integrity team at her university. As a student she strongly believes integrity is fundamental to making sure students acquire the knowledge they are investing in.

The educator experience with Fuat Ramazanov (he/him) will explore the synergy of generative AI and creativity in education. Fuat’s presentation will offer insights and recommendations to educators on how generative AI can be used to support and enhance human creativity. Fuat is the director of the International Business Management Program at the Acsenda School of Management, a private post-secondary institution in Vancouver. As an educator, he is passionate about using creative and innovative approaches to teaching that stimulate engagement and learning and boost confidence and creativity in his students. His teaching style incorporates a blend of stories, expertise, games, and humour. Fuat designed the Creativity and Design Thinking in Business course, which incorporates various applications of generative AI across different stages of the creative process. He is a doctoral student at the University of Calgary, with research focused on exploring students’ perceptions of the intersection between human and AI creativity.

The program experience will be about innovative learning for the careers of tomorrow. AI is all around us in the classroom and the workplace. As part of reimagining how to educate and learn in a rapidly changing world, the Continuing Studies department at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is offering new courses on AI and machine learning. This presentation will discuss the UNBC’s partnership with RoboGarden and how it helps communities meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities presented by AI’s reshaping of industries. Stacey Linton (she/her) is the manager of Continuing Studies at the UNBC, where she has worked since 2008, first in fundraising and now in continuing education. Stacey is passionate about lifelong learning and providing residents across the North with access to quality education so they can grow their skills and become leaders in their communities.

The institutional experience with Dr. Leeann Waddington (she/her) will explore an institutional perspective on supporting the creative and ethical use of AI. Leeann is the associate vice president of Teaching and Learning at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, where she is responsible for the strategy and leadership of the Teaching & Learning Commons. Previously an experienced faculty member, Leeann holds a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, a post-master’s certificate in Curriculum Design, and a doctorate in Education from Athabasca University. Leeann’s background in nursing and health care was instrumental in the development of her leadership style, where transparency, care, and teamwork are the foundation. She is also an Appreciative Inquiry facilitator and trainer and brings this strength-based lens to her relationships and the projects she leads.

The open experience with BCcampus will discuss BCcampus grants for the creation of open educational resources (OER). Recently grantees have been asking BCcampus to provide recommendations on how they can incorporate generative AI tools during the OER creation process. In this session Clint Lalonde (he/him) will talk about the guidelines the Open Education team created in response to this request and the considerations that went into their development. Clint has worked in the B.C. post-secondary system for 25 years and is the director of Open Education at BCcampus. A founding member of the OpenETC, Clint is also on the board of directors for the Apereo Foundation and associate faculty in the School of Education & Technology at Royal Roads University.

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