FLO MicroCourse – Design with Liberating Structures

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Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) MicroCourses are short, single-topic, hands-on, practical, and free. In one week you will have an opportunity to dip into the FLO experience and leave with something practical and useful for your own teaching practice.

In this FLO MicroCourse you will:

  • Learn what Liberating Structures are and why they can be so powerful for online and face-to-face meetings and learning events
  • Design a group activity using a Liberating Structure
  • Experience a few key Liberating Structures online
  • Share ideas and advice on the application of Liberating Structures in your own context.

This course includes mostly asynchronous activities which means you can spread your 6 to 13 hours of participation over the whole week. Synchronous sessions will be recorded. Spreading out participation over each day is ideal. This is a facilitated course that features an interactive whole class and triad-based discussions for those who wish to participate. There are no synchronous online sessions in this particular MicroCourse.

Registration is open!