Making OER Count: Incorporating OER into the Tenure and Promotion Process

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Anyone familiar with the open educational resources (OER) community knows questions about the role of OER work in tenure, promotion, and reappointment are constant at conferences and on listservs where OER practitioners and administrators congregate. However, as criteria for tenure and promotion vary greatly between different types of institutions — and even between different departments within an institution — answering these questions can be daunting. An adaptable advisory model called the OER Contributions Matrix has been created to approach this conundrum and help guide faculty as they attempt to include their OER work in their tenure and promotion portfolios. The tool was developed by a working group within Driving OER Sustainability for Student Success (DOERS3), a collaborative of state-, province-, and system-wide OER initiatives that work together to help the OER community realize the potential of OER in a sustainable fashion. During this session members of DOERS3 will provide insight into the OER Contributions Matrix, explain how it came about, and share some potential uses for the document, including a short brainstorming session on how the matrix can be adapted for use at local institutions.


Amanda Coolidge (she/her) is director of Open Education at BCcampus in B.C., Canada. She leads the province’s initiatives in open education, from open textbooks to open pedagogy, and with a team of eight other people works across B.C. to enhance access for students. Amanda has a master’s degree in educational technology and many years of experience as an instructional designer at various universities across Canada. Amanda has worked in open education in Calgary, Alberta; Nairobi, Kenya; and B.C.

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This event is part of Open Education Week (March 7 – 11, 2022)

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