Open Access and Research at Douglas College

Did you know that over 100 faculty at Douglas College is engaged in research? In this short presentation, Colleen Reid will provide an overview of research at Douglas and describe how the Research and Innovation Office, and the High Impact Practices in Education Committee, work together to help support faculty and student research.

Colleen Reid Ph.D. is Coordinator of the Research and Innovation Office and Faculty in the Department of Therapeutic Recreation. She is the Principal Investigator of community-based participatory research projects in the areas of creative engagement in dementia care and community mental health.

Making research open access has the power to connect policymakers, practitioners, non-profit workers, and community members around the world with the information they need to make informed decisions and advocate for positive and influential change in society. Do you want to find about open access publishing and the different options for making your work openly available and connecting with a wider audience? Join Kate Shuttleworth, Reference Librarian at Douglas College to learn about the benefits of open access as well as options for open access publishing, including selecting a suitable journal, checking your author rights, and avoiding undesirable or “predatory” publishers.

Kate Shuttleworth is a Reference Librarian at Douglas College and a Digital Publishing Librarian at Simon Fraser University. Kate has worked in academic libraries since 2017, providing Digital Scholarship, publishing, and information literacy support for faculty and students. She also recently worked as a Community Scholars Librarian, where she supported BC charities and non-profits in locating and accessing published scholarly work to inform their practice, develop, and advocate for community initiatives.

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