Opening Your Teaching: Enhancing Student Learning Through Open Assignments

March 4, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
UBC - 548 and 552 - Presentation Room (Combined)

Open education encompasses a set of practices that make the processes and products of education more transparent, inclusive, and available to all people. While many assignments given in postsecondary institutions are what David Wiley calls “disposable” -– read-only by a teacher or a T.A. and then disposed of — open educational practices can enable learners to connect their work with authentic audiences and contribute knowledge to the world. Such practices reconceptualize assignments so that the work that students produce completing them is useful and usable by others beyond the instructor and individual student. These open assignments can offer instructors and students new ways of approaching their teaching and learning by reconceptualizing the role of the learner in the production of knowledge. This hands-on session will explore the necessary ingredients for open assignments and learning activities. It will examine real-world examples and best practices as well as brainstorm ways to open up your teaching.

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