Research Speaker Series – Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Research Insights

*Note: This session has passed. Please view the resources and recordings below.

About the Series

The BCcampus Winter 2024 Research Speaker Series offers participants and presenters an opportunity to learn and share knowledge and advocacy on research methods, approaches, and pedagogies when it comes to accessibility, access, Indigenous engagement, and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in teaching and learning. These livestream webinars, which take place one Tuesday every month from January to March, will allow you to learn and ask questions about new research directly from the researchers involved.

Learning Outcomes

  • Broaden your knowledge and research skills in the B.C. post-secondary context.
  • Learn about Indigenization, EDI, decolonization, and accessibility in research.
  • Be inspired to participate in research communities of practice or explore the themes in your work.
  • Connect with academics and community members who share your interests.

Please note: These sessions will be recorded, captioned, and made available publicly on after the event. You do not need to register to view the recordings after the events.

About the Session

Artificial intelligence (AI) research assistants like ChatGPT, ChatGPT Scholar, Claude, Google Bard, Keenious, and Elicit are transforming the process of scholarly investigation and discovery. This talk explores how AI tools can help researchers uncover hidden connections in data, generate novel hypotheses, simulate experiments, and extract key insights from literature.

Facilitator Nellie Deutsch will demonstrate how AI assistants can rapidly analyze complex information and suggest high-potential research directions humans may overlook. The talk will feature real-world examples of studies powered by AI to achieve advances not possible through traditional methodologies alone. You will gain practical tips for incorporating cutting-edge AI tools into your own research workflow to increase impact.

About the Facilitator

Nellie Deutsch (EdD) is a Canadian education technology expert who organizes online professional development programs using Moodle and other edtech tools for educators worldwide. She combines technology with mindfulness, peer learning, and teamwork in all her programs.  She is a relationship-based mentor, researcher, writer, speaker, and community builder. Her teaching experience of 40 years ranges from teaching English as a foreign language in high school and higher education; teaching listening, mindfulness, and leadership courses at Atlantic University; and teaching academic writing, English for academic purposes, and how to manage a WebHost Manager server and Moodle installation. She’s the co-chair of TESOL CALL-IS and faculty at a distance in the Immersive Technologies MSc program at the International Hellenic University in Greece.

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