Seminar: Qualitative Online Interviews

May 1, 2014 – May 17, 2014 all-day

Qualitative Online Interviews: 1-16 May, 2014

Facilitator: Janet Salmons


Qualitative Online Interviews, will be released May 13 from Sage Publications. Join author Janet Salmons for a interactive, multi-platform online world book launch and seminar. SCoPE will host a lively Qualitative Online Interviews seminar from May 1 to 16, including synchronous and asynchronous exchanges. All are welcome for Tweetchats, a discussion forum, and webinars that will allow for discussion and exchange about strategies for teaching online qualitative or mixed methods, designing and conducting online interview studies, e-research ethics and topics you suggest.

Qualitative Online Interviews expands and updates the first edition Online Interviews in Real Time to include a full range of synchronous, near-synchronous, and asynchro­nous interview options using a wide range of communications technologies. New in this edition is discussion of how researchers can complement interviews by collecting data through online observations, or by collecting posts or user-generated content. Also new to this edition is a chapter on e-interview research quality. The entire book is organized using the E-Interview Research Framework to help readers think systematically about the research design process.

Get a sneak peak at the video introduction, and find sample course outlines and materials online. Then mark your calendar for May 1 and join the festivities!

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