T.E.L.L January: Busting Through the Maze: Building and Supporting our First Mooc

January 26, 2016 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

The “Massive”, “Open”, and “Online” aspects of a MOOC each come with their own unique challenges. Having just delivered “Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education” for the second time, the MOOC development team from UBC’s Faculty of Education will reflect back on key questions:

  • What sort of development process was used to create content for a new online platform?
  • What sorts of activities and assignments were used to engage students in such a massive course?
  • How was high quality multimedia developed, and what special considerations were made to accommodate openness?
  • How did a small team manage to support so many students?

Title: Busting Through the Maze: Building and Supporting our First Mooc”
When: 11:00 AM  (PDT),  January 26, 2016
Who: Sharon Hu and Ian Linkletter, UBC
Where: ETUG Room in BB Collaborate (Link below). If this is your first time using BB Collaborate web conferencing, see some great tips here.

For more information visit the ETUG website.

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