The Shared Educational Resources and Technology (SERT) Initiative aims to identify and support models for developing, delivering, and sustaining shared and open educational technologies and curriculum in the B.C. post-secondary system. 


Between April 2024 and March 2026, the SERT Initiative aims to: 

  • Engage with three B.C.-based curriculum or educational technology projects to explore, identify, and work towards sustainability for each project. 
  • Solicit and publish a collection of case studies from existing post-secondary educational technology and curriculum projects that have established sustainability models. 
  • Prepare guiding resources that outline recommendations, models, frameworks, and good practices to inform future shared and open educational technology and curriculum projects in B.C. 
  • Administer an open call for proposals to support the sustainability of educational technology and curriculum projects in the B.C. post-secondary system. 
A timeline of the SERT Initiative. The first meeting was held in April 2024. From April to July, solicit proposals. From July to August, adjudicate proposals. From September to December, case studies are completed. Projects carry out their work from September on into the next year. In February 2025, create guiding documents. Starting in March 2025, prepare open call for proposals.
A Timeline of the SERT Initiative

More Information 

The SERT Initiative is supported and guided by the SERT Advisory Committee. The committee members are people with expertise in supporting system-wide collaboration, open licenses, educational technology, and educational resources. 

The SERT Initiative is funded by the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills and is part of the implementation of the British Columbia Post-Secondary Digital Learning Strategy, which aims to enhance how digital technology is used in post-secondary education across B.C. In particular, the SERT Initiative addresses Strategic Priority 2: System Collaboration. 


If you have questions, please reach out to the SERT project manager, Josie Gray ( 

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