A micro-credential is a small, focused, competency-based qualification that the learner can quickly apply in an area of industry need.


Micro-credentials are the result of post-secondary institutions working together with industry and non-profit associations. They are flexible, small, bite-size pieces of learning that are highly applicable.

Who is it for?

The micro-credential project will benefit many people in our province — people who need to retrain to meet an industry skills gap, those who want to be recognized for skills they already have, and learners who have barriers to access that need to be removed. Stakeholders for this project include learners, industry, post-secondary institutions, and non-profit associations.

Learn More

Several recent reports on micro-credentials are available online:

Micro-credentials: Trends in Credit Transfer and Credentialing. Prepared for the British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer by Joanne Duklas.

Is the Future Micro? Prepared for the Ted Rogers School of Management Diversity Institute, Future Skills Centre, and eCampusOntario by many co-authors.

The Status of Microcredentials in Canadian Colleges and Institutes. Written by Colleges and Institutes Canada.

Making Sense of Microcredentials. Prepared for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario by Jackie Pichette, Sarah Brumwell, Jessica Rizk, and Steven Han.

Micro-Credential Overview. Infographic created by BCcampus.

BCcampus also has a Creative Commons–licensed online course called Micro-Credentials in the B.C. Context. Please reach out to Ross using the link below if you would like to use this course in your institution.

Further Information

The manager of the BCcampus micro-credentials project is Ross McKerlich.