Carrie Nolan’s paper was recently published in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Read Carrie’s paper: What the Yurt? Round Teaching and Architecture as Pedagogy

Meet Carrie Nolan, Coast Mountain College

Carrie has a group project consisting of eight instructors and two staff who will work together to assess the effectiveness of “round teaching” on student learning. This group will assess how space—in this case how a circular yurt, as compared to the traditional four-walled classroom—can impact student learning across disciplines at the college. The research plan will include assessing how different subject experts approach the same learning opportunity, contributing to a strong community of practice. The impacts of both space and diverse approaches are expected to influence teaching and learning across the province and across multiple areas of learning.

Notable quote:

“We hope to effect change in teaching and learning by connecting both within our institutions, and also across the province, in this specific way of scholarly inquiry in a community of practice.” – Carrie Nolan

Research as a BCcampus Scholarly Teaching Fellow:

Yurt classroom