By the numbers: top 9 stats you need to know about Kaltura right now

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    To find out how your post-secondary institution can adopt Kaltura for its video asset management, contact Denise Goudy from BCcampus at Like our infographic? It (along with all our other content) is Creative Commons-licensed. So feel free to re-use and re-mix, as long as you give us the credit. Learn more: Successful Kaltura Pilot Project Moves into Production at UNBC and Douglas College Kaltura… Read more »

Successful Kaltura pilot project moves into production at UNBC and Douglas College

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The Kaltura pilot project has been successful enough that one partner institution is already in full production, and another is planning to move from pilot to production in this academic year. As we reported in September, University of British Columbia and BCcampus have teamed up with other institutions in a limited pilot project to test Kaltura, a video enterprise platform. This partnership includes shared licensing fees, shared… Read more »

Kaltura Brings New Possibilities for Student Engagement

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Withree post secondary institutions launching a limited pilot of Kaltura this September, project managers are getting excited about the possibilities it opens up to communicate with students. In May, we announced [Wrangling videos in one location just got a lot easier with Kaltura, May 2013.] work was underway with a large system partner, UBC, to facilitate a collaboration with several post secondary institutions to offer… Read more »

Wrangling videos in one location just got a lot easier with Kaltura

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Imagine being able to gather video assets – lectures, presentations, seminars, and homework assignments – in one location so users can upload, view and share them easily. BCcampus has been working to facilitate a collaboration with interested post secondary institutions for Kaltura, a leading video enterprise platform that does just that and more. After an extensive pilot and evaluation phase, BCcampus expects to offer Kaltura… Read more »

Collaborative Educational Services Update

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We’re in the process of adopting the name Collaborative Educational Services to be inclusive of both educational technology shared services (e.g., Moodle) as well as collaborative programs (e.g., Applied Business Technology) and services (e.g. eTutoring). (Note: we currently refer to these areas as Collaborative Programs and Shared Services.) This note is concerned specifically with the educational technology shared service area though – BCcampus now has 13 collaborative… Read more »

Shared Services Update August 2011

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I wanted to take an opportunity during this ‘relatively’ quiet period to provide you an update on BCcampus shared services. It has been almost a year that I have been working with institutions on BCcampus shared service initiatives. In that time, the BCcampus team supporting shared service initiatives has worked to: continue to raise awareness of educational shared services as a means to meet enterprise… Read more »