Liberating Structures at the Festival of Learning

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If, like @FoodSociologist, you are wondering whether Liberating Structures (LS) will feature again at the Festival of Learning this year… we are pleased to let you know YES!  Here is where to find Liberating Structures at the Festival of Learning (that we know of, so far…) Post by Tracy Kelly, Senior Manager, Learning & Teaching Sessions specifically about LS: Liberating Structures: Unleash and Include Everyone (90-min session): Come… Read more »

Liberating Structures in B.C. post-secondary: How are they spreading?

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After organizing and supporting a number of Liberating Structures initiatives for the past two years, we at BCcampus wanted to learn more about: How (and where) are people using Liberating Structures? How are they spreading? Are people finding Liberating Structures to be useful in their practice? What do people want next? If we are to continue to support Liberating Structures in B.C. PSE, what kind… Read more »

BCcampus Professional Learning is unleashing the power of Liberating Structures

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When you feel included and engaged, do you do a better job? Are you ready to break out, increase participation, boost creative energy in your meetings, gatherings, classrooms and workshops? If you’ve answered YES, then join us for the Liberating Structures Workshop. BCcampus Professional Learning and the Centre for Teaching and Learning at UBC are collaborating together to bring you Liberating Structures! BCcampus and CTLT are excited… Read more »