Liberating Structures at the Festival of Learning

If, like @FoodSociologist, you are wondering whether Liberating Structures (LS) will feature again at the Festival of Learning this year… we are pleased to let you know YES!  Here is where to find Liberating Structures at the Festival of Learning (that we know of, so far…)

Post by Tracy Kelly, Senior Manager, Learning & Teaching

Sessions specifically about LS:

  • Liberating Structures: Unleash and Include Everyone (90-min session): Come experience the top 4 most-used Liberating Structures in B.C. post-secondary education, and consider how you might use them in your work.
  • Liberating the Webinar (45 min session): Attend this session to explore and compare different online webinar and collaborative platforms that would enable LS to be purposefully used to allow all voices to be heard.
  • Liberating Structures User Group Meet up (1 hour, meet-up): All are welcome and we hope members of the Vancouver and Victoria Users Group will come and connect with each other!

Sessions whose presenters have indicated that they will use Liberating Structures to facilitate learning on their topic:

If you plan to use Liberating Structures in your conference presentation at the Festival, let us know!

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