5 key lessons learned through the B.C. Open Textbook Project

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In October 2015, the B.C. Open Textbook Project turned three and as of today, there are over 135 open textbooks in the B.C. Open Textbooks Collection. These Open Educational Resources (OER) are important to the higher education system in B.C. because they have the potential to: increase access to higher education by reducing student costs, give faculty more control over their instructional resources, and move… Read more »

No Budget for Professional Development? No Problem. Log on to Learn!

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There’s no question that Professional Development is important, but not all organizations can afford it. Once the costs for registration, travel, accommodations, meals and time away from work are factored in, many organizations simply don’t have the funds. The benefits of attending a conference in person include networking opportunities, participating in round table discussions and gaining new insights. The long-term value of these learning experiences… Read more »

BCIC chooses BCcampus to build a virtual accelerator program for aspiring entrepreneurs

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BCcampus and BCIC are working together to strengthen BCIC’s network of talent, partners, and resources throughout the province, guiding technology entrepreneurs and innovators from start-up to success by way of a comprehensive virtual accelerator program. When the B.C. Innovation Council (BCIC) needed a vehicle to help drive economic development and job creation within the province, they felt a partnership with BCcampus would help bring opportunities… Read more »

Best of BCcampus blog posts: it’s all about doodling, open education advocates and lessons learned

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Summer provides an opportunity to slow down and catch up on your reading. It also provides the editorial team with an opportunity to reflect on which of our blog posts garnered the most interest. Over July and August, we’ll be highlighting a series of our best and most interesting posts we’ve published this past academic year. We had fun writing them, so we hope you… Read more »

SFU’s Flexible Education Task Force seeks community input

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Over the past two years senior math lecturer Jamie Mulholland has been experimenting with a ‘flipped classroom’ teaching approach. His calculus students watch lectures on his YouTube channel and then spend classroom time solving problems with his help. Flipped classrooms are just one example of flexible education, and SFU’s Task Force on Flexible Education (TFFE) is looking for more examples, more ideas and more engagement with students… Read more »

5 Questions with Brian Lamb about technology, student engagement and blended learning

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Brian Lamb is the Director, Innovation Open Learning at Thompson Rivers University. He shares his experiences working at the intersection of teaching and learning support and student engagement and retention.  Can you give us a snapshot of Thompson Rivers University’s Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation? One thing that is unique about TRU’s Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation is suggested by its… Read more »

Jon Festinger: 5 lessons learned from using UBC’s open publishing platforms

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John Fetzinger

Jon Festinger is a Vancouver, British Columbia based lawyer whose passion for teaching and law grew from his experiences as a lawyer and executive across the spectrum of media, communications, sports and entertainment. Jon is the author of the first edition of “Video Game Law” published by LexisNexis in 2005 and a co-author of the 2nd Edition that was published in 2012. He is also an… Read more »

BCcampus and BCNet agree to transfer Blackboard Collaborate shared service

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First there was a Memorandum of Understanding, now there is a master agreement between BCNET and Blackboard Collaborate. For the past several months, BCcampus has been working in partnership with BCNET to transition learning and technology licensing agreements to BCNET. The 2014-2015 Blackboard Collaborate Master Agreement is the first of these agreements that will be transitioned to BCNET. “This agreement is an administrative transfer,” said… Read more »

How University of the People supports students in the developing world

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When Assan was just a young boy living in Uganda, his father died, leaving him to take care of his 25 siblings and his father’s three wives. His family was very poor, and life was a struggle. Assan managed to graduate from high school, which made him the most educated person in his family. Continuing his studies, however, just wasn’t possible as tuition for a… Read more »

Blended Learning: promising innovative practice requires strategic approach

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Blended learning is a promising approach with the potential to transform Canadian higher education. To realize its full potential, it now requires strategy, resources and better integration with institutional goals. That’s the conclusion of the Innovative Practices Research Project, prepared by the Collaboration for Online Higher Education Research (COHERE) published in 2010. The report, funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, (HRSDC) explores the… Read more »