Enhanced education

In collaboration and consultation with B.C. post-secondary institutions, BCcampus provides system-wide leadership and support around the effective selection and use of educational technologies, including testing, piloting, and evaluating new educational technologies with system partners.

Our focus

The scope of our work in education technology encompasses nine focus areas:

  1. Next Generation Digital Learning Environments and Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  2. Interoperability standards, such as Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), and Question Tools Interoperability (QTI)
  3. Adaptive learning and learning analytics
  4. Competency-based education platforms
  5. Learning assessment tools and technologies
  6. Multimedia production and distribution
  7. Assessment frameworks for new educational technologies
  8. Digital badging
  9. Technologies that support blended and online learning models

Accessibility through technology

Educational technology also allows for substantial improvements in accessibility, ensuring our ability to accommodate individual learning differences. Recently, we coordinated a sandbox project that used machine-learning algorithms designed by Blackboard Ally, to automatically and instantly create alternative content formats for differently-abled learners.

Current projects

We have a wide variety of activities within the realm of EdTech, such as:

Past Projects

Education Technology Demonstrations

We regularly host demonstrations of education technology to share interesting products and services designed to improve the learning experience for students and educators. Join us for an upcoming session and learn more:

 EdTech demo page

In Partnership with BCNET

BCcampus works closely with our system partner BCNET to coordinate numerous education technology projects. BCcampus and BCNET work together collaboratively to sandbox and pilot potential system-wide education technology shared services, working together to achieve economies of scale that benefit the provincial post-secondary system.