Seriously fun

Liberating Structures are a collection of powerful facilitation strategies that can be used in classrooms, meetings, planning sessions, team days, workshops, presentations, etc. They are seriously fun, purpose-driven methods to engage and work together productively.

BCcampus connection to Liberating Structures

We were first introduced to the Liberating Structure (LS) activities and overall approach in 2013. Immediately, we knew this would be of interest and use to the B.C. post-secondary community, so we immersed ourselves in our own learning and mentorship with LS co-founder Keith McCandless. Now, we are active participants in the global Liberating Structures group, leaders of local user groups, and happy facilitators of a handful of workshops each year.

Exceptional inclusion

Liberating Structures are designed to “unleash and include everyone” in activities and discussions, and shape the next steps. As such, they are an invaluable addition to the facilitation toolkits of all who are called to facilitate learning, meetings, processes, communication, groups, and change.

Join us for an upcoming Liberating Structures Workshop to discover how you can bring these effective strategies to the sessions you lead.

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