Teaching and Learning Professional Development Portal: TLPD Fall 2018 Update

In December last year, we announced the start of a project to create a web resource, or portal, for B.C. post-secondary educators that would support sharing and showcasing of teaching and learning professional development learning opportunities. Over the past several months, the TLPD project has been making good progress. Here is an update of the milestones on our project journey; we are currently at Step 5.

Post by Leva Lee, Manager, Learning + Teaching

Graphics created by Noun Project artists:

  1. Conversation by Maxim Kulikov
  2. Plan by Gregor Cresnar
  3. Research by Gregor Cresnar
  4. Vision by Vectors Market
  5. Collaboration by Krisada
  6. Review by Chanut is Industries
  7. Celebrate by Massupa Kaewgahya
  8. Goal by Adrien Coquet

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