Openness is an attitude

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The spring ETUG (Educational Technology Users’ Group) workshop, held recently in Nelson at Selkirk College, was in the words of one long-time attendee “probably the best ever.” This is by no means a comprehensive overview of the conference. More can be found at the ETUG web site, but I’ve tried to give a flavour with some of the highlights of the conference. First was the… Read more »

Time to change your URLS to ApplyBC

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On June 16th, 2011, the BC Post-secondary Application Service (PASBC) is being renamed ApplyBC. We’ve sent the following request to our contacts in all B.C. public post-secondary institutions: What needs to be done: We’re asking institutions to change their websites and associated documentation to refer to ApplyBC. Please forward this request to your web site administrators for implementation, as follows: Any existing PASBC links in… Read more »

Privacy Conference Follow-up

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Our Privacy Laws and Cloud-based Educational Technology Conference had three broad recommendations for BCcampus to follow up (as outlined in the final conference report). They were: 1) To work with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to develop a set of policy guidelines and resources for post-secondary educational institutions. Follow up: the OIPC is nearly finished a draft based on all the materials… Read more »

Handing over the reins to a popular service

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Since its inception, BCcampus has been supporting a key system used by many of the 30,000 B.C. government employees: the Course Information & Registration System (CIRS). Originally developed by BCcampus staff in 2003, CIRS became immediately popular as the convenient way for government employees to find and register in government sponsored employee training and development courses. During the 8 years that BCcampus has maintained the… Read more »

Online Student Services Forum 2011

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On June 7th, BCcampus will be facilitating a one-day forum of presentations and discussions on online BC student service tools and needs at BC’s post-secondary institutions. The purpose of this forum is to share knowledge and identify possible initiatives that could result in better support services for students over the coming years. Participants will have the opportunity to describe their visions for future potential services…. Read more »

Sharing the open message in Malaysia

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In May 2011 I had a wonderful opportunity to join colleagues in Asia at a capacity-building workshop on open educational resources (OER) at Wawasan Open University (WOU) in Penang, Malaysia. In Malaysia, like everywhere I’ve visited in Asia recently, the economy seems to be booming, with more and more Malaysian citizens seeking to upgrade their skills and accreditation by taking advanced studies, many through open… Read more »

Bringing the BC ID community together

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For the second spring in row, the instructional design community from B.C. post-secondary institutions organized a very successful one-day event on ID, that was hosted this year at the Ike Barber Centre at the University of British Columbia. We at BCcampus were pleased to provide some sponsorship for this professional event from our Curriculum Development and Academic Growth initiatives. 50+ professionals participated in a series… Read more »

Academic Growth – Events for Online Learning

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BCcampus knows how important online learning professional development events are. It’s essential that we complement the growth of online learning with a corresponding growth in knowledge and skills around how to effectively develop and engage in online learning. It is a whole new form of learning BCcampus calls academic growth. Paul Stacey’s latest blog post Professional Development Events and the E-learning Amoeba provides a summary… Read more »

Spring 2011 brings system upgrades and changes to BCcampus

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This spring and summer, several changes and upgrades for many BCcampus services have been planned in consultation with BCcampus stakeholders and clients. These improvements to BCcampus services will result in new ways of working and a different look and feel for some online services. Following is a list of the upgrades and changes, along with a short summary of each. We’re doing everything we can… Read more »

NGLC Grant Awarded to Online Science Consortium

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The following is the text of a news release issued by Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) on April 7, 2011. We are pleased to be part of this consortium of higher education organizations. Boulder, Colorado — The North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO) has been awarded a grant from Next Generation Learning Challenges, an initiative working to improve U.S. col­lege readiness… Read more »