Tech Days of Christmas – Day 1

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In the week leading up to Christmas, we thought we’d do something fun and a little more in keeping with the holidays. We’re bringing you the “Tech Days of Christmas” featuring some of our favourite tech toys and gadgets. They are either items we already have, or items on our wish list. With a staff chock full of tech-savvy software engineers and developers, you’re sure… Read more »

Videoconferencing resources in BC

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We got a question via Twitter last month – is there a list of BC post-secondary institutions that have videoconferencing capability? Unfortunately, none of us here know of such a directory. We would think most do, especially PSIs that offer distance learning. However we also know of at least one that doesn’t have videoconferencing capability. Having the equipment is one thing: how it gets used… Read more »

“Mr. Watson — come here — I want to see you”

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The Transcript Exchange project went into production today, albeit as a pilot between Douglas, Kwantlen and SFU. The first transcript was successfully delivered from Douglas to Kwantlen and acknowledged back at noon over BCcampus’ secure and encrypted Enterprise Bus. There is something deeply satisfying when a concrete useful piece of information is transmitted for the first time. We might know all about electricity and bits… Read more »

More on Transcript Exchange service lift-off

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Great news from our institutional transcript exchange implementer, Dean Hiebert: “I am pleased to announce that on Dec 14th, 2010, at precisely 12 PM, the first production XML transcript navigated through the BC campus system from Douglas to Kwantlen. The acknowledgement was immediately generated and gracefully passed back to Douglas College, making the entire transaction complete at 12:01 precisely. We have lift-off!” This is a… Read more »

The way we do that thing we do

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BCcampus has 26 full and part time employees distributed throughout BC. Aside from the head office in Vancouver and the Victoria office, where most of the software development team is based, we have staffers in New Westminster, Nanaimo, and the interior. Needless to say, getting us all together physically in the same room happens infrequently. Last Wednesday December 8 we took the day to do… Read more »

How users are getting to our student services portal

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Most of the traffic to our BC student services portal is from users planning to apply to one of BC’s post-secondary institutions (PSIs). We recently reviewed Google Analytics (GA) reports for the purpose of determining how users get to these services. Of the nearly 900,000 portal visits during the past year, visits were evenly spilt between directly entering the service URL (primarily and those… Read more »

SOLR featured in upcoming Equella webinar

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An upcoming webinar by Pearson EQUELLA will feature BCcampus’ Shareable Online Learning Repository (SOL*R) as an exemplary regional repository. On December 16, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific, The Chronicle of Higher Education is hosting a webinar presented by Pearson EQUELLA to explore the way digital repositories can be used across institutions for sharing materials. BCcampus’ Shareable Online Learning Service is one of the examples that… Read more »

Towards a new governance framework for BCcampus

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At BCcampus, we are embarking on an exciting new phase of activities, guided by a strategic advisory council (SAC) that will assist us in charting an innovative path forward. The Ministry of Advanced Education established BCcampus in 2002 in response to the need for a provincial strategy for on-line learning. Our mission was to “bring together the expertise and resources of all of British Columbia’s Public… Read more »

Adobe Connect Case Study 3

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Adobe Connect User Case Studies – Monica Molag, Instructor & Department Chair Supporting the Nutrition and Food Service Management Program at Langara College Purpose The Nutrition and Food Service Management Program is delivered 100% online, with instructors telecommuting from various parts of the Lower Mainland Vancouver and Vancouver Island. This department uses AC for a variety of activities, including their regular departmental meetings, virtual office… Read more »

The Future of Open Educational Resources

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Sometimes its the things that aren’t there that make you see what’s missing and think more deeply. Along with Scott Leslie from BCcampus I presented at the recent Open Education Conference in Barcelona. Drawing on what I saw at the conference, and what I didn’t see, I’ve posted a critique of where I think the Open Educational Resources effort is currently at and suggestions for… Read more »