New Collaborative Program web sites to be launched May 4

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Changes are coming to the web sites for the Collaborative Programs: ABT (Applied Business Technology), NCIT (Northern Collaborative Information Technology) and AECE (Aboriginal Early Childhood Education). As of May 4, 2011, each Collaborative Program will have its own web site. Instead of reaching the programs through the BCcampus portal, users will go directly to each program’s own self-contained web presence for everything related to that… Read more »

Evolution of an OER Initiative

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BCcampus started supporting the development of Open Educational Resources (OER) back in 2003 with it’s inaugural Online Program Development Fund. The 2010 call for proposals was the eighth round and brings the total investment made so far to $9 million. Given the burgeoning interest in OER I thought it might be useful to describe this years outcome in the context of an eight year retrospective… Read more »

Strategic Plan 2011-2014

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At its February 18, 2001 meeting the BCcampus strategic advisory council approved the 2011-2014 version of the organization’s “evergreen” (rolling) strategic plan. The plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis and published to the BCcampus web site. The 2011-2014 strategic plan can be found here: The plan outlines the systemic focus of BCcampus, its programs and staff activities. It describes the… Read more »

Some Notes from the Reboot Privacy Conference

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On Feb 17-18 I attended the Reboot Security & Privacy Conference in Victoria, BC on behalf of BCcampus. Security & Privacy is a hot issue these days; it’s in the news, and at BCcampus we’re particularly interested in the topic of US-based cloud computing and BC’s FIPPA and the Patriot Act, so much so that we’ve organized a meeting in April to help clarify the… Read more »

Open Education Resource University (OERU)

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BCcampus is pleased to be participating in today’s Open Educational Resource University (OERU) inaugural meeting. We’ve been hosting an online seminar in our SCoPE online community exploring the concept of an OERU and have contributed a short paper summarizing the ideas that have emerged. For more on this intiative including how to participate virtually see

Subscribe to our newsletter

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Are you subscribed yet? If you don’t want to miss the latest updates from the BCcampus web site, there are two ways to stay in touch. First, you can subscribe to updates via RSS feed. At the bottom of every page is a “subscribe” button for the latest blog and the web site feeds (you can also share articles on Twitter, Facebook or other social… Read more »

2010 Online Program Development Fund Awards

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Growing BC’s public post-secondary online learning is one of our goals at BCcampus. Starting in 2003 BCcampus has issued an annual Online Program Development Fund (OPDF) Request for Proposals (RFP) to all of BC’s public post secondary institutions. The OPDF call for proposals emphasizes inter-institutional collaboration and partnerships for development of online learning courses. Development is focused on for-credit online learning that give students access… Read more »

2010 Online Program Development Fund Awards

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What do mobile learning, collaborative mining and mineral exploration, early childhood education, online virtual patients, and an applied art and design online studio all have in common? They are all BCcampus 2010 Online Program Development Fund (OPDF) grantees. See the full list of OPDF winners on this news page. Congratulations to all award winners!

Who’s in Charge?

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been speaking with our BCcampus strategic advisory council members, along with a number of educational technology advocates and practitioners within the higher education system. The questions I’ve been asking have been about the strategic educational technology challenges each is facing. Responses have begun to cluster in three areas: Leadership and development – Training and developing staff at all levels… Read more »

PASBC to become ApplyBC in June

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It’s official. In June, the Post-Secondary Application Service of BC, fondly known as PASBC, will undergo a name change to simply “ApplyBC.” The name change, which has been under discussion for several years and has received widespread support, was endorsed during the January PASBC Steering Committee meeting. The switch is expected to take place in June, when the service is next updated. We’ve commenced design… Read more »