Meet new and interesting members of the educational community of B.C.; put your considerable talents to good use; and help us create an inclusive, genuine, and collaborative environment for the educators, administrators, faculty, designers, librarians, and students of B.C. attending Festival of Learning 2018.

Important dates:

  • Mar. 1, 2018 – Application deadline. Now closed.
  • Mar. 15, 2018 – Volunteer assignments

The events and activities hosted by BCcampus are successful because of the commitment and care delivered by volunteers across the province. We’re looking forward to working with you at #FoL18.

If you have any questions about anything regarding #FoL18, please contact us.

Available opportunities:

  • Registration Desk/Wayfinder: Welcome people, distribute name tags, direct people, and answer questions. This position is suited to those who enjoy dealing with details and people, and don’t mind sitting/staying in one spot. Registration desk volunteers can expect intense, fast-paced periods followed by stretches of quieter time.
  • Audio Visual/Room Checker: Ensure rooms, equipment, and presenters are technically ready to go before the sessions start. You MUST be tech-savvy and able to quickly troubleshoot audio/visual issues with presenters using a variety of devices and platforms (Mac, PC, laptops, mobile devices, etc.)
  • Social Events: Help with set-ups, teardowns, and other logistics during the event. Timeslots include early afternoons and late evenings. This role is good for folks who love high-energy, fast-paced settings and can perform physical tasks (moving tables and chairs, carrying boxes, etc.)
  • Conference Add-Ons: Supervisors for self-care features of the festival (e.g., yoga/meditation room and gratitude/letter writing station). Be available for questions, triage, and keep areas organized and well-stocked. Timeslots are available all day, every day. This position is suitable for folks with calm demeanours who thrive in quieter environments.
  • Fit-Break Leader: Be the pace-setter for brief walks outside the hotel. This job is ideal for high energy folks who can’t stop moving and love engaging with participants.


For all BCcampus hosted and partnered events, as well as, external events hosted by B.C. post-secondary institutions see the BCcampus Events calendar.