BCcampus Mixtape Podcast: Humility in Higher Education

Today’s episode features an invigorating conversation with Jewell Gillies about humility in higher education and how to decolonize and foster positive spaces on campus that support gender and sexual diversity.


Photo of Jewell Gillies

Jewell Gillies

Jewell Gillies (they/them) is a proud Two-Spirit Indigenous Person from the Kwakwakawakw First Nation in B.C. They works for Okanagan College in their Aboriginal Services Department, as chair for the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee, chair for the Positive Space Committee, and as a mental health training facilitator for the Okanagan College Wellness Peer Ambassador Program. Jewell is also the executive board chair for Strengthening Connections, the Indigenous Recruitment Collective in B.C. for post-secondary and career pathways recruitment. Jewell is an independent contractor for organizations like BCcampus, working as their Indigenous advisor for mental health and wellness as well as sexual violence and misconduct OER’s.

Show notes

UBC and SFU Climate Action Links:

Listener Challenge:

“Identify what is your action that you will take that is going to support Truth and Reconciliation and shift the meter for equity for all of our people.”

Let’s listen in…