Coaching: The Impact of Powerful Questions

Note: This session has passed, please view the recording and resources below.

At BCcampus, we have been using coaching as a way of helping each other work through challenges. Developing curiosity about our colleagues’ challenges enables us to offer support while helping them to grow and learn.

Come and experience something that has disrupted and transformed our workplace culture and even our personal lives. In this session, participants will learn about using questions as a way of supporting colleagues’ growth through John Whitmore’s (2009) GROW model. The GROW model is an easy way to introduce coaching by using the framework to identify and set goals (G), reflect on the current reality (R), revisit options and opportunities (O), and set out with a plan that will (W) be done to achieve desired goals.

Bring a Challenge! Participants will then have an opportunity to practice this new learning in a facilitated coaching circle in which challenges are brought forward and, peers offer reflective questions to peers to find solutions.

Facilitated by Mary Burgess, Robynne Devine, and the BCcampus Coaching Community of Practice.