ETUG: Assessment, Analytics, and Student Learning: Privacy and Our Emerging Tools

Fall ETUG 2021 Workshop graphic As we enter the fall of 2021, we are looking at how the technology and tools we use every day potentially come at a hefty cost: student privacy.
Do online proctoring, academic integrity software, and learning management system–based analytics favour the power of the institution over the rights of the student? How should learners claim agency over their data and make real choices about how it is used? On November 5, 2021, we’d like you to join us for a one-day online workshop where we will dive deep into:

  • Privacy and pedagogy: examining surveillance creep within online proctoring
  • Learning analytics and how you can change your teaching style by examining the data
  • Student privacy and online tools and resources based outside Canada

Third-party tools, assessment software, and analytics pose significant challenges for academic support staff and faculty. How do we work with the needs of students, instructors, and institutions to balance privacy with the effective delivery and assessment of a quality educational experience?

A complete list of speakers and the schedule is available here.

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