ETUG Fall 2023 Workshop: The Evolving EdTech User

*Note: This event has passed. The resources and recordings are available below.

The user experience for education technology has greatly evolved in the past few years, thanks to the pivot to online learning brought about by the pandemic. A range of hybrid approaches now exist for content delivery, and many more instructors than ever before are using technology to both assess and increase student engagement and accessibility. Learners’ actions, expectations, and goals have also evolved, leading to new opportunities and challenges for integrating edtech into learning. ETUG logo

The Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) Fall Workshop will meet online and examine these changes and the evolution of the edtech user. Presentations will focus on how student expectations have changed and how instructors can address them. The workshop will also look at faculty expectations when it comes to technology and the institutional support (e.g., teaching and learning centres, libraries) required to meet these expectations.

Below are a few questions to get you thinking about the role of user experience in educational technology: 

  • How have learners’ preferences, behaviours, and expectations shaped your use of edtech?
  • What new technological approach have you, your department, or your institution incorporated into teaching and learning?
  • How has user design, user experience, and accessibility influenced educational initiatives at your institution?
  • How has your institution supported the evolving edtech expectations of faculty and students?
  • What role have teaching and learning centres, libraries, and other support services played in improving the edtech user experience for both faculty and students?
  • How has new technology such as learner analytics or artificial intelligence influenced user expectations and experiences?

Recording and Resources

Student Learning Experience During the Covid 19 Pandemic – Implications for Learning Design – Youdan Zhang and Oleg Lungu

Accessibility of AI Interfaces – Luke McKnight

Creating Alt Text with Generative AI – Ian Linkletter

Reading Lists: A welcome addition to our LMS – Briana Fraser, Lindsay Tripp, and Luke McKnight

Next-Gen LMS: Enhancing tools for ungrading, self-regulation and social learning dynamics – Erika Ram

Unlock the Potential of Markdown: Instantly turn Markdown files into shareable web pages with Docsify-This – Paul Hibbits

Leveraging Virtual Production to Enhance Student Learning – Andrew Wang and Matthew Yedlin

Supporting Accessibility Improvements: An intentional and staggered approach – Briana Fraser and Luke McKnight