Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) – Design

November 13, 2017 – December 8, 2017 all-day
Online scheduled sessions and personal practice time
Sylvia Currie

The four-week FLO-Design course offers participants an opportunity to engage in a practical, instructional design project focused on a short unit of learning. Participants will explore different theories and principles of learning, and approaches to learning design. The workshop is based on a “studio” approach where design projects are shared during each week, to elicit constructive suggestions and provide assistance as each design evolves.


FREE – Reg fees have been waived for this session!

Time commitment:

Design/learning tasks involve consistent participation in studio and reflective discussion forums each week. Each week begins with an activity checklist that participants complete individually (or in pairs if they choose). Previous participants cited 6-13 hours for course activities, dependinng on prior experience with Moodle and online learning background. Continuous, active participation supports success for everyone.

FLO-Design facilitators will offer optional one hour synchronous sessions each week to provide opportunities to discuss workshop ideas or issues. Final ‘showcase’ sessions will be arranged with participants, and alternatives provided for those who can’t participate synchronously.

Scheduled Sessions

Wednesday, November 15

Additional scheduled sessions dates to be decided as a group via poll. The session meeting times can be affected by the progress participants make each week. Practice/help sessions on participants’ own time.

Prior to the course registrants will receive:

  • Information to register for a SCoPE account (the course site will be available ahead time so participants can familiarize themselves with the platform)
  • A pre-workshop survey so the facilitators can get a sense of paricipants’ expectations and familiarity with course design
  • A copy of the course handbook

More about FLO-Design:

  • Participants learn about design by developing a chosen design project (individually or in pairs).
  • Participants learn about different aspects of the instructional design process and underlying theory each week, while reflecting on and developing their design projects.
  • Participants will discuss important elements of user experience and multimedia design and discuss and debate design choices.
  • Participants will create an online learning module and a demonstration activity for a topic relevant to teaching and learning.
  • The course is based on a ‘studio-learning’ approach and participants are asked to share their ‘work-in-progress’ each week and to give/receive ideas/feedback to assist them in their design work.
  • The course is co-facilitated by two experienced instructional designers who provide support and guidance throughout the 4 weeks.


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