Adapting to COVID-19: Fear & Anxiety Related to COVID-19

Note: This session has passed. Click here to view recordings and other resources from this event.

During these times of uncertainty, many of us, even if we don’t usually experience anxiety, are worried. We could be worried about getting sick with COVID-19 or infecting someone we love, thinking about finances is also stressful, as are the realities of physical distancing. A myriad of difficult issues is facing us all during these times of pandemic.

In this webinar, we will discuss issues related to fear and anxiety. We will share with you strategies that foster healthy mental well-being during these trying times. Please bring your questions to the webinar as this is an interactive session! 


Rhonda Schmitz arrived at Selkirk College in 2003 after serving her community in a variety of roles, including working with young children, families, street youth, and families in crisis. Her foundation of practice is based in CYC principles, and she believes relational practice is the foundation for change, engagement, and learning. She has been privileged to work at Selkirk College in a variety of roles, including instructor, Chair, Dean, and now, Director of Student Affairs. Her desire to be of service to others comes through in all areas that she is engaged in at the college. Student life, health and wellness, athletics, recreation, and career and co-op experiences are some areas of great interest and passion.

Claire Hewson is very passionate about health, wellness, outdoor pursuits, and empowering students.  She believes that relationships are foundational for learning; therefore, she strives to develop belonging and connection in her day to day work.  With a Masters in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelors in Education, Claire currently works as the Campus Life Coordinator in the department of Healthy Campus at Selkirk College.  Previous to Selkirk College, Claire worked as a wildland forest firefighter, a Spanish teacher and a Secondary School Counsellor. As a Campus Life Coordinator,  Claire promotes and integrates health and wellness into day-to-day operations, practices, services and educational programming. This includes physical health and wellness, mental health, safety, compassion, acceptance, social justice and empowering students through leadership opportunities. In her free time, Claire loves to mountain bike, snowboard, travel, and eat avocados!

As a student in Selkirk College’s Social Service Worker program, Bre Harwood been active in her school community. She’s a strong believer in providing everyone with the support they need to grow and move forward. As such, she took the opportunity in her first year to join both the Student Ambassador program as well as the mental health committee. In the future, Bre’s working to unite her love of art and people, and her goal is to help trauma survivors heal through their own creative processes.