FLO Friday: Using Alternative Assessments to Balance Technology, Academic Integrity, and Stress Management Goals

*Note: This event has passed. Please view the recording and resources below.

Technology is frequently cited as the direct cause of the increase in academic fraud reported over the past two years of rapid, pandemic-driven adoption of online learning; it’s just as often promised as the only solution to this problem. However, over time, it has become clearer that technology is neither the sole cause of academic misconduct nor a “magic bullet” to protect academic integrity; instead, understanding how design of alternative assessments can reduce learner stress is more helpful in mitigating academic fraud and ensuring technology integration works for learners and educators (and not the other way around!). This FLO Friday workshop will describe the interplay between technology, stress, and academic fraud and help you identify alternative assessments that can minimize student stress, improve student engagement, and protect academic integrity.

FLO Facilitator

Elle Ting (she/her) is a BCcampus Research Fellow and Vancouver Community College (VCC) Research Ethics Board chair and faculty member. She joined VCC in 2004 as a University Transfer English instructor and has since served the college as department head of Humanities; instructional associate with the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Research; and Education Council chair. Working in different roles at VCC has given Elle a panoramic view of the college’s work and allowed her to engage with a wide variety of teams and projects within and outside the college, including BCcampus and the BC Applied Research and Innovation Network, the latter of which she co-chairs. Elle’s study interests include academic integrity, research ethics principles and practices, and war culture; her non-academic interests include eating, The Simpsons, and terrible wordplay.