FLO Lab: Whole Body Learning

In this three-hour experiential and collaborative workshop, let’s intentionally include our bodies in the learning space! In this session, we’ll explore different ways to use embodied and holistic learning (movement, the five senses, emotions, spirit). Whether you have tried these types of activities before or are intrigued to learn more, join us to explore, practice, and discover what’s in it for you and your students. From having small “aha” moments to adding a number of new activities to your facilitator’s toolbox, you’ll gain something from participating in this lab. This will be a great opportunity to test a somatic/whole body activity you might want to practice. We’ll build part of the agenda in an open-space style to enable you to try your ideas with a supportive group. Our aim is to create a comfortable space to not only learn together but also gain insights on how to foster more holistic ways of engaging and learning. We will all be trying something new, facilitators included! In this session, you will:

  • Explore different ways of creative engagement online.
  • Acquire new tools and activities to bring into your online classrooms.
  • Gain new insights about how holistic learning can support your students’ experience.

We’ll invite you to submit your creative ideas to our collaborative Padlet in advance of the session to help build part of the agenda. This three-hour session will include two ten-minute breaks.


Valeria Cortes (she/her) has extensive experience working with post-secondary institutions and community organizations across cultures. Through course design and facilitation, she encourages people to learn from one another and take action to enhance their organizations and communities. As an associate faculty member at Royal Roads University, Val teaches online, blended, and face-to-face courses.

Beth Cougler Blom (she/her) is a facilitator and learning designer who works with clients across all sectors through her business, Beth Cougler Blom Facilitation. She has been very involved in the Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) courses through BCcampus and Royal Roads University for many years. Beth is the author of Design to Engage: How to Create and Facilitate a Great Learning Experience for Any Group. Connect with Beth at bethcouglerblom.com.

Visit our Meet the FLO Facilitators page to learn more about Valeria and Beth!

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