Meet Kolibri: Expanding the Reach of BCcampus Open Resources to Learners Lacking Internet Access

About the Webinar

In this conversational webinar, we introduce you to the Kolibri platform from Learning Equality. It has been successfully deployed in over 200 countries and territories to provide tech-enabled learning opportunities and access to quality digital resources in places where internet access is lacking.

In this webinar, Lauren Lichtman and Jacob Pierce from Learning Equality will share examples of where Kolibri has successfully provided learning in places without internet access. They will demonstrate how it works from a learner and educator perspective, plus provide an understanding of how the platform provides digital content, and how it can be customized for local use.

Alan Levine and Harper Friedman will provide a demonstration of how BCcampus open textbook titles with interactive content such as H5P and video have been migrated to Kolibri and can be made available without access to the online versions. Beyond making the BCcampus content available, we seek ideas on how this approach might be used for learners in the province without broadband internet access.

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About Learning Equality

Learning Equality is a San Diego-based non-profit committed to enabling every person in the world to realize their right to a quality education, by creating offline-first educational technology for innovative pedagogy and supporting the creation and distribution of open educational resources. In recognition of the digital divide, Learning Equalilty focuses on inclusion for the 2.6 billion people who lack internet connectivity. Their work is primarily centered around a holistic suite of open and adaptable products designed for teaching and learning with technology but without the internet, called Kolibri.

About the Speakers

Lauren Lichtman, head of partnerships and strategy at Learning Equality, is passionate about collaborations and innovations to eradicate barriers to learning opportunities, so all children and youth have their right to a quality education realized. In her recent work, she focuses on supporting corporations engaging in education and the use of edtech for learning.

Jacob Pierce is a senior full-stack developer at Learning Equality, father of two, and all-around nerd. He believes that education and open access to it is one of the best paths toward creating a better world.

Alan Levine is the director of community for Open Education Global and supports a BCcampus project exploring how online open learning content can be made available in remote regions. He has also previously worked on the Open Homework Systems project where he created the H5P/Pressbooks Kitchen.

Harper Friedman is a coordinator of open textbook publishing with the open education team at BCcampus. He provides support for B.C. faculty by helping them create open educational resources as well as learning, applying, and teaching accessibility best practices and making educational resources more accessible for more students. He has been collaborating with Alan on the BCcampus project with the goal of making open learning content available in remote regions.