OER Production Series – Find, Use, and Share Open Educational Resources

About the Session:OER Production Series

This event is a part of the OER Production Series.

In open education, the goal is to increase access to education by changing the way we think about knowledge. Instead of bundling knowledge in an expensive textbook or putting it behind a paywall, open education sees knowledge as a public good that should be freely available to everyone to learn from, build on, and customize for their own purposes. In this session, we will explore open education as a philosophy and consider the benefits of open educational resources (OER). We will explore how to find, use, and share OER. We will discuss copyright and Creative Commons licences, look at examples of OER, explore OER collections, and identify ways to get started in using OER. 

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About the Facilitator:

Josie Gray (she/her) is the manager of open education at BCcampus. She has eight years of experience navigating the technical, legal, and practical elements of creating and adapting OER, including Pressbooks, accessibility, copyright, and open licences. Josie brings an equity-informed lens to the design and creation of OER, and her expertise is further bolstered by her Master of Design in Inclusive Design from the Ontario College of Art & Design University.