Open Access in Action: Tales from Five Institutions

*Note: This session has passed. Please view the recording below.

Audience: Instructors, faculty, staff who might be interested in open

Session Description:

Join us for a quick review of five different Open Access initiatives at five different institutions. Presenters will offer a quick overview of their project and answer questions. Make a tea or coffee and come join us!

  • KPU – Academic Integrity Tutorial in Pressbooks. KPU recently updated their Academic Integrity tutorial, which is now in a Pressbook that can be adapted for any institution. At KPU, the module leads into a Moodle course with quizzes on each section, where the student is awarded a badge upon completion. The badge is viewable by all their instructors through their Moodle profile to avoid duplication across courses.
  • Langara – Alena Buis’ Open Art Histories Project. Open Art Histories (OAH) is a platform for art, art history, visual art, communication, and museum studies teachers and instructors in Canada. Open to anyone who uses visual and material culture in their pedagogical practices, OAH offers a dynamic and collaborative space for open educational resources (OER) and serves as a virtual community and repository for art and art history instructors at all stages of their academic and professional careers.
  • UBCO – Stuart MacKinnon, laboratory program manager for the Department of Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences at UBCO, will discuss Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Physical Geography – First British Columbia Edition. This lab manual, which is currently undergoing beta testing, is a cross-institutional project from British Columbia that provides 22 labs to be implemented within first-year post-secondary physical geography courses. The labs have been developed to be easily adapted for various course structures, durations, and differing laboratory learning objectives set out by instructors. Contributors to the lab manual were from institutions all over B.C., so attendees may be interested in hearing about what collaborating with folks all over the province was like.
  • BCIT – Carol Wenzel in the faculty of biotechnology co-produced an open animal dissection image library. She is also wrapping up her second open education grant project, a plant anatomy and morphology image library, with co-op student Horton Lai.
  • Okanagan College – Learn how quickly and easily you can convert static presentations and resources into engaging teaching and learning objects with this quick H5P tutorial and introduction. H5P is a community-driven project that allows educators to easily create, share, and reuse interactive content.