Pivot to Online for Nursing Educators

Note: This session has passed, please view the recording below.

At BCcampus, we feel the enormous challenge you are facing today and in the weeks to come. We want to offer space and support for nursing educators to connect, learn from each other, share ideas, and collaborate during this “pivot to online”. 

Please bring your challenges, questions, ideas, and solutions. Some questions that we’ll attempt to solve include:   

  • How do you teach psychomotor skills remotely? 
  • How do you provide feedback to students on their performance if they are at home? 
  •  How do you assess if the learning outcomes are to “demonstrate” competency in performing a skill?
  • Are you providing “kits” for students to use at home?
  • Creating authentic evaluations in this new environment.
  • Creating community in an online environment
  • Activities that can increase student engagement for courses that are more theoretical in nature