Publishing Indigenous Perspectives Online: How RavenSpace Editors Approach Collaboration

*Note: This session has passed. Please view the resources and recordings down below.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Librarians, anyone interested in alternative forms of open publishing with an Indigenous lens

Session Description:

RavenSpace, developed by UBC Press, is a digital platform for publications that aim to support Indigenous community-based research and authorship. It functions as a place where, with community permission, Indigenous knowledge can be shared, but also protected—where knowledge holders may maintain and assert their cultural protocols that govern how certain materials should be accessed, and by whom. In this session, we will show how RavenSpace has integrated publishing and web design workflows with the needs and rights of Indigenous community members and authors. We will share some of RavenSpace’s collaborative approaches, and, more broadly, will discuss additional ways to build cultural considerations into editorial and design choices. Attendees are welcome to share their own examples of approaching culturally sensitive materials in a collaborative environment, as we will allow time for discussion.

Facilitators: Meaghan McAneeley, Crystal Chan