Storyboarding for Learning Design Open

January 12, 2015 – February 21, 2015 all-day

Join our Open Online Course (OOC) on Storyboarding for Learning Design from 12 January to 20 February 2015. The OOC is free and open to all who design or teach courses in higher education/ professional training.

Storyboards are at the heart of good learning design. Using online tools, you will develop a Storyboard showing the alignment between your learning outcomes, assessment, learning activities and content. Gabi Witthaus and Brenda Padilla will be actively facilitating and giving feedback.

When: 12 January to 20 February 2015
Where: Online
Who: Gabi Witthaus and Brenda Padilla

Learning outcomes:

The overarching aim of the course is for you to create a storyboard for your course, illustrating the relationship between learning outcomes, assessment, learning activities and content, and showing how the learning will be scaffolded for learners. Achieving this will involve the following:

  1. Defining your audience profile
  2. Selecting an appropriate storyboarding tool
  3. Reviewing the learning outcome statements for your course and evaluating how well your intended assessment instruments reflect the learning outcomes
  4. Designing a series of online learning activities to support the learning outcomes (high level design)
  5. Auditing course content for alignment with learning outcomes and appropriate selection of media formats
  6. Drawing up an action plan for completing the design and development of your course, and how you will evaluate its effectivenessLearning

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