Justice Institute “goes big” in adopting OER and open textbooks

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Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) students taking some introductory courses no longer have to worry about how much their textbooks for those courses will cost. JIBC has assigned open textbooks derived from the BCcampus Open Textbooks Project to its first-year English and Psychology courses. Their introductory Statistics course has been taught using openly licensed materials for three years already, making JIBC an enthusiastic early… Read more »

Best of BCcampus blog posts: from MOOCs to smart apps and even smarter people

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Summer provides us all with an opportunity to slow down and catch up with our reading. Our BCcampus editorial team works hard all year to research and publish informative content about the intersection of technology and the post-secondary sector. Over July and August, we’ll be highlighting a series of our best and most interesting posts we’ve published this past academic year. We had fun writing… Read more »

Tablet Technology Helps Driving Students Navigate Sharp Turns

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When we think about gravitational or g-forces, astronauts and fighter pilots usually come to mind. However, g-forces also play an important role in teaching taxi drivers, police officers and others how to maneuver a vehicle smoothly and safely at the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC). The JIBC is quickly becoming known as an innovator in education with the introduction of several mobile learning initiatives and… Read more »

Five Questions with Tannis Morgan: Mobile Learning

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The Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) has been focusing its attention on several innovative mobile learning initiatives, successfully creating one app and currently working to develop two others. Today, Tannis Morgan, Associate Dean, JIBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation, answers five important questions about how mobile technology is revolutionizing higher learning. Tannis Morgan What spurred the JIBC to explore opportunities for mobile learning?… Read more »

Mobile Technology Revolutionizes Learning for JIBC Students

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It’s no secret that online learning has become the wave of the future, but for one British Columbia post-secondary institution, mobile learning through the use of handheld devices and “apps” is offering even broader opportunities for providing “on-the-go” information in the classroom and out in the field. Last year, the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) developed its very first (free) app for smart phones… Read more »

The JIBC brings learning to life

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The Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) is using Praxis, a new technology that brings real-world situations to life for their students. Praxis is a web-based simulation tool, which provides participants with the information they would get on the ground if they were actually faced with a crisis situation. “Whether the simulation scenarios involve emergencies such as earthquakes, collapsed buildings, terrorist attacks, prison riots, chemical… Read more »