BCcampus analyst contributes library to open source site

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Thanks to BCcampus Senior Technical Analyst Jam Hamidi’s PESC Java Library, more institutions can now have their student transcripts zip through the Internet via secure servers, quickly and safely. Instead of taking up to 28 days for record exchanges, the transcripts can now be shared in a day. With over 155,000 transcripts being delivered electronically amongst post-secondary institutions and students across Canada, the need for… Read more »

Student services update: Douglas College signs up for ApplyBC full service, and TranscriptsBC shares 12,000th electronic transcript.

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Two BCcampus projects continue to excel, with engagement and collaboration between local institutions increasing transactions and usage of TranscriptsBC, and the ApplyBC team adding Douglas College to the growing list of full service institutions. ApplyBC The ApplyBC team welcomes Douglas College to the full service platform of the online application, having recently completed the move from the institutionally-hosted Banner web application to the ApplyBC full… Read more »

TranscriptsBC transfers 10,000+ electronic records

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TranscriptsBC has reached a major milestone, exchanging 10,318 electronic transcripts amongst exchange partners between January 2012 and January 2014. Instead of waiting for printed documents to arrive via land mail, thousands of students have had their official records transferred via secure servers – quickly and safely – between the institutions participating in the project. This achievement was only possible through the ongoing participation, commitment, and… Read more »

The BC2ON transcript exchange project goes live January 23

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Last November, we highlighted this made-in-Canada transcript exchange project on our BCcampus blog. Now we are pleased to report the project has gone live. The BC2ON transcript exchange project is a project by BCcampus and the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) developed to send electronic transcripts using the new transcript data standards from B.C. to Ontario through Canada. This project will enable British Columbia student… Read more »

BCcampus champions made-in-Canada transcript exchange project

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Electronic transcript exchange between British Columbia and Ontario is about to get faster, more efficient and more secure because of an innovative pilot project between the two provinces called BC2ON. Randy Bruce During the early 1990’s, several B.C. post secondary institutions broke away from the typical paper-based method of providing transcripts to other B.C. and Ontario universities by sending the documents electronically. While a more… Read more »

The BCcampus Connector System: Transforming e-Transcripts for Admissions and Registrars

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Since 2009, BCcampus has been working on a three-phased electronic transcript exchange pilot program with six lower mainland post-secondary institutions.

There’s nothing like a registrar or admissions office during the admissions seasons. Picture thousands of transcripts coming and going in rapid-fire succession – and all are sent via Canada Post. The phone tends to ring off the hook with students and their parents calling to check status. Admission officers work to ensure transcripts and student records are managed accurately and professionally. It’s time-consuming, labour-intensive and… Read more »